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For the love of cannabis as they say would’ve been the main motivation, but our shop was created for more than. We believe in the curative properties of cannabis and will like to share it to the rest of the world. Created in 2010, we have been fighting for the legalization of cannabis from the moment we came in contact with it. We have moved to over 10 states till we settles in Colorado. .

We have come a long in handling recreational cannabis especially for our customers who like to stay anonymous. Buying marijuana from us comes with security, anonymity, quality and above all ease. These are the fundamental principles on which our shop is based on. We know trust is earned and we go every step of the way to make it happen

What About Us

We are a dynamic house specialised in providing recreational and medical cannabis products to all those who need it.

We transcend race, ethnicity and gender to bring all cannabis lovers to one common ground.
Despite being legal in some states, we work to provide means for our products to reach our clients wherever they are
Stealth packaging, Discrete measures and express deliveries are all measures put in place for you to enjoy the best of our services.

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